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Ederra Bamboo Decking

FLOORING - Timber by Viro
EDERRA BY VIRO is the decking and flooring product made entirely of sustainable, natural Bamboo.

Image: Ederra Decking with Cambered surface.

EDERRA, THE FLOORING AND DECKING PRODUCTS BY VIRO, are made entirely of sustainable Bamboo. Bamboo is an highly-renewable, natural resource. The average tree used for traditional flooring applications, requires a minimum of 60 years to grow to full maturity, where Bamboo, with its self-regenerating qualities grows in only a mere 3 to 5 years.

Ederra, is harvested from certified sustainable plantations where it grows naturally. During harvesting, Bamboo creates minimum pollutants, while the plants are used to create a multitude of natural products.

Bamboo is extremely durable, and has the firmness and qualities found in high-end woods. Ederra Bamboo flooring and decking is suitable for commercial and residential applications.

Bamboo grows naturally on certified bamboo plantations with-out the use of pesticides. With its self-generating qualities, it grows to maturity in a mere 3-5 years, compared to high-end hard woods, that require up to 60 years to reach full maturity. During harvesting, very little toxins or pollutants are generated in the manufacturing process. All parts of the Bamboo grass is used for a multitude of products. So there is very little waste.
Ederra Bamboo flooring and decking is extremely durable and easy to maintain. This flooring and decking product, has a very hard durable surface that is applicable for high traffic areas in commercial and residential environments.

Ederra by Viro Features:
- Non-toxic, Non-Hazardous
- Renewable
- High-yield
- Superior Density, Strength and Hardness
- Fast-Growing
- Adaptable (Growns on 80% of Earth's Surface)
- Low Maintenance (No pesticides or fertilizers necessary)
- Low-impact Environmentally
- No Illegal Farming or Deforestation
- Exceptional Carbon-Absorption Rate
- Fosters Economic Development

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