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Jittlada Thai Cuisine Restaurant

Interior Design by TSDS
Jittlada is a Thai restaurant that brings traces of the past in Bangkok to the dining guests not only through its long tradition of Thai cuisine but also its architecture.

Reflecting the owner’s passion for artdeco, antiques, and colonial arts, the restaurant is inspired by a Thai house in the colonial era with its foyer, courtyard and inner living room. This spacious and sumptuous dining area is infused with a classic style that resembles the courtyard where the host entertains her dining guests.

The restaurant welcomes guests in a foyer with a design that incorporates the philosophy of Thai traditional cuisine, which is paying attention to details, giving space to intricacy, and bringing out textures and colors. We infuse the philosophy into the design to give the guests an experience of a truly Thai restaurant. Jittlada Grand Indonesia private dining area.

The private dining room exudes a classic poise where family and friends can immerse themselves in the memory of colonial era in Thailand. Each room in Jittlada restaurant has a different theme embodied in the distinctive details like the patterned ceiling, the lamps, and the dark, large wooden panels.
Interior Design
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