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The amount of time and financial resource spent on finding the right building products and experts today is insurmountable.

Architects and interior designer design spaces, but their jobs do not stop there. In order for a space to be realised, a high number of decisions have to be made: who can build it; and what products are required to make this space happen. Everything you see in a room - from flooring, paint, wallpaper, tile, furniture, lighting, even door handle need to be selected.

Born out of a genuine passion to make the Indonesian architecture, design and building industries more open and diverse, Aspec was launched in 2017.

Our key aim is to generate industry focus information and knowledge, and to distribute this across the Aspec community of architects, designers, building experts, manufacturers and retailers. Through our users’ uploaded projects, products and their trusted reviews, Aspec bridges the gap of information that helps you make informed decisions, making sourcing experts and specifying products easier and more efficient.

Our core mission is to change Indonesian architecture and design for the better as we help the people work smarter whilst building a community in the industry.

With a comprehensive, informative and interactive database of professionals, you can now find suppliers and experts you can trust.

At Aspec, we believe that the relation between product and expert is fundamental to a successful project. Without sufficient information, it is very difficult to make good judgement and decision - be it specifying the right products, or hiring trusted and responsible people for your projects. That’s why we’ve pioneered a new information resource that streamlines the process of finding the right product suppliers and building experts you can trust.

We bridge the gap of information, making specifying easy and efficient by connecting, supporting and championing the people, teams and companies that make spaces happen.

With our evergrowing design products and experts, Aspec is the number-one online community for Indonesian architects, designers, home-owners and design enthusiasts.

Aspec is a platform that matches manufacturers, suppliers and building experts with actively specifying architects and designers. We streamline the process of finding product and people that can make any design come true.

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