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What is Aspec?
Aspec is an online platform for the building and design industry communities.
Is it free?
Aspec is free to use! We only ask that you be courteous, honest and respectable in providing information and interacting with other users.
How do I use Aspec?
You can use it to find design and building experts you can work with, or specify products for your project. Aspec allows you to filter services, projects, products based on your needs.

As a service provider, you can promote your services to project owners, architects and designers by showcasing your projects. As a product provider, you can upload the products you offer to Aspec.

By uploading your project and product, it allows other users to find you on Aspec. Once you have uploaded your project and product, your profile will come up in the search for the particular product and service.

Lastly, get reviews of people who have worked with you. Review is a way to gauge your reputation and reliability.
Who are Business users?
Any design and building industry professional or company who offers a service and/or product. That includes Architects, Interior Designers, Photographer, Visualisers, Muralists, Contractors, Consultants, Landscape Designers, as well as Retailers and Suppliers of construction, interior products and any other object that makes a space. If your skillset or your product is not listed in the category, please sign up and contact us so we know you're here. Business users can upload projects and/or products they provide and have an Aspec profile that others can view and bookmarked, and vice versa.
Who are Personal users?
Personal users are folks that are looking to hire an expert orfor specific products or suppliers for their projects. Personal users can browse and bookmark Aspec business users. Personal users can NOT have an Aspec profile that is viewable to others.
Do you need to be a professional to be a Business User on Aspec?
Yes. That is why we encourage you to upload projects to showcase your work and skillset.
How do I find a specific product / project / service?
On the Services, Projects and Products page, find the filter to left of the page. That's where you click to set your search parameters. Alternatively, use our search tool on top of each page.
How does Aspec work?
1. Create your profile. Check your email to authenticate your account. Check your junk mail if you do not receive an email after 5 minutes. If our mails go straight to Junk / Spam, please mark it non spam to allow future emails to come through.

2. Business User:
a. Fill up your details so potential clients can contact you.
b. Maximize your profile by uploading projects you have worked on to showcase your expertise.
c. If you sell products, upload them, so architects and designers can easily specify them.
Remember, if you do not put this information up, it is virtually impossible for other users to find you.
d. If you have worked with someone on a project, tag and review them. They might just do the same. Reviews matter.

3. Personal user: You are now free to use Asec to browse and bookmark projects, products and profiles.
How does bookmarking work?
Bookmarking saves a user, a project or a product to your "Bookmark " list in your dashboard. You can review your bookmark anytime. Just log in and click on 'Bookmark' on the left hand side of your dashboard. You can NOT bookmark, unless you are logged in.
I don't want random people contacting me. How do you prevent that?
The only people that should be contacting you are project owners or other professionals that are interested in your service or product. If anyone contacts you for any other reason, please report them (scroll to the bottom of their profile). Aspec reserves the right to review and remove accounts that may violate this guideline.
How do Reviews work?
If you have worked with someone in a project, tag them as your collaborator in 'My Projects'. Then, leave your honest reviews of your experience in dealing with them. Give credit when it is due. You can NOT leave review, unless you are logged in. In a review, we are primarily concerned with the users' professionalism: project time delivery, quick response, reliability, quality of products or service and pricing.
How do I stand out?
Make sure your profile is complete. Upload projects and/or products. Remain active and responsive. Get reviews.
I've been marked as a "Featured ". What does this mean?
Congratulations! This means our team thought your profile stood out. This usually happens with complete profiles. If you have a complete profile and are relatively active on the site (project and/or products available, active reviews), chances are you'll be Featured. Profiles marked as such will be displayed more often - helping everyone connect with active, engaged users.
Do you have a mobile app?
Our mobile app is under construction. We're young and growing - so you may encounter some quirky behaviour from time to time.
If you have suggestions and feedbacks on how to improve Aspec, contact us.
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