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Why Review Should Matter to You

23 August 2017
Without good amount of reliable information, it is very difficult to make good judgement in our decision making. Without good judgement, the chance of you making a crappy, costly decision is unbelieveable. As consumers, we are used to Tokopedia and Zomato reviews and have the ability to choose from a plethora of products. Meanwhile architects and designers are making decisions worth millions of rupiahs with relatively no information. Deciding to engage a building expert you barely know is like deciding to date someone you have only known for a week. The irony is the relationship amongst client, architect, designer, supplier and contractor often last longer than most romantic relationships.

One of the reason I started Aspec is a personal experience with leap-of-faith hiring in a project that ended with substandard result. Hence Aspec aims to help you make informed decisions for your project not only with our comprehensive, informative and interactive database of products, services and projects, but also with Reviews.

Why Reviews Matters

One of the most common questions I hear is: "How do reviews help me sell my product and service?"

Aspec is more than just a place where you seek other people's products and services; it's a place where others can also seek YOUR product and service. For that to happen you have to put yourself out there (completing your Apec profile, uploading your products and projects, tagging your collaborators, etc.). Including reviews in your Profile is a great way to complement and confirm the skills, experiences and quality work you have done while also catching the eye of potentially interested clients and other professionals.

How to Write a Review

Writing a review lets you drill down into the how and why of your experience working with someone. Be a champ and give a 5 star if you have have enjoyed working with the collaborator. A well-done review should describe and give specific examples.

Does a supplier, for example provide sufficient and accurate information of their products, respond promptly and deliver on time. It is a also a platform to acknowledge especially helpful staff within the company.

For a service provider, the reviews should reflect someone’s ability to complete a project on time, their response when unpredicted things happen on site and how they resolve conflict or issues.

For future clients and potential collaborators, such a recommendation provides an important sign that this could be the product supplier or building expert they are looking for. If you’re the one looking to receive reviews, always begin by identifying the people who know you well and who can best speak to your aptitude for excelling in a project, professionalism and project delivery, or shed light on some of your best accomplishments.

False Review

One of the things we pride ourselves is the quality information we provide our users. It is the reason why we do not show empty profiles (i.e.profiles with no uploaded product or project), nor do we do tolerate false reviews, especialy defaming ones. If we find reviews that are reported as false, we will conduct an investigation. If the review is proven false, we may take it down and take action against the user. We do not, however remove reviews slightly. If you get one or two bad reviews, try to gain more good ones. It is not the end of the world, we should strive for perfection but we all know noone is perfect :) I'll have you know that I am a pretty darn good rider but even my Uber rating is not a 5 star!

The Bottom Line
Reviews give a better idea of what you’re like to work with. They also make it easier for opportunities to find you. When all else is equal, they could be the difference between a potential client reaching out to you over another user. Don’t be shy to reach out and ask for a review. Take a few moments today to acknowledge the skills and accomplishments of your collaborators past and present with a review, and maybe they’ll do the same!

This article is written by:

ASPEC Founder
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