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Product of the Month | ONG CEN KUANG

14 November 2017

At Aspec, it is always a real pleasure to shine a light on the work of someone whose products and ethos we admire. This time he is a Bali based product designer whose practice undertakes a diverse range of material exploration in varying techniques.

For my money, Ong Cen Kuang products display a strong connection between concept and final products. The grounding principle of unassuming material with application of both Indonesian and international techniques are the common thread that bind them all.

It also needs to be said that, having spent a bit of time with Ong Cen Kuang, we can happily confirm that not only Budiman is an incredibly talented designer, Rudi is a valuable chief of staff, they are also really top human being. 

Budiman prefers to let his work speaks for itself, so let's focus on of his creation below:

Bulat table light, made of fabric with paper application technique

Bulat in detail

ALUR series, made of zipper (L-H): Mekar, Kembang, Kelopak

Kelopak pendant light

Kelopak pendant light in detail

Teratai from Rajut series, made of steel or copper mesh with traditional Sumba hand knitting technique

Bawang (Onion) from Rajut series, made with Sumba steel knitting technique

Matahari light, made with origami and paper cut techniques

Lemon Slice, made of bamboo and wire, inspired by of spirograph

Lemon Slice chandelier

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